Your career in Germany starts here

We help non-German professionals and graduates prepare for working and living in Germany.

For Professionals and Graduates

Whether you are a seasoned professional or fresh graduate, we help you obtain the skills and qualifications for working in education and social welfare in Germany.

Enrollment to Employment

We created our offerings with one goal in mind: to help you start your professional life in Germany. This is why our programs and courses include job placement and relocation support services provided by our trusted partners.

Merit Discounts & Financial Aid

We offer different forms of financial support to those who qualify for our Bridge Programs and demonstrate strong commitment to learning and teaching.

What we Offer


Bridge Programs

Get qualified for a profession or apprenticeship in Germany through our online Bridge Programs that you can take alongside your current job at your own pace and schedule.


Career Planner

We evaluate your non-German credentials vis-à-vis your ideal job and help you plan the steps, find out the cost and set the timeline for starting your career in Germany.

Which profession do you want to practice in Germany?

Childhood Educator or Daycare Teacher

If you have a passion for the wholistic development of children 0-12 years old, we can help you get ready for working in a German creche, nursery, kindergarten or after-school facility.

Primary or Secondary School Teacher

Are you a grade school or secondary school teacher of math, natural sciences or computer science? We can help you prepare for a position in an English-speaking school in Germany.

Other Professions

Let us know what your career goals are and we’ll help you bridge the gap between your non-German qualifications and the requirements of your ideal profession in Germany.