Our Partners

Launching an international career requires a strong network of people and organizations that provide reliable support every step of the way.

Hand in hand with our trusted partners, we strive to assist professionals from all over the world make a seamless transition from their home country to Germany and embark on a truly remarkable and rewarding career journey.
In each of their 5 daycare centers, Kinder- & Jugendhaus e.V. in Halle (Saale) brings together different age groups “under one roof”. KJHeV believes in creating and maintaining a deep bond between children and educators who actively work with families and schools to support the socialization, integration and development of children and youth.
Kinderland Jonathan and Kindergarten Benjamin show their commitment to providing a comprehensive and inclusive educational experience for children in Germering through their inclusive approach and an environment where integrated groups and activities promote interaction and learning among children of diverse abilities and backgrounds.
ProfiZentrale is a matching platform for kindergartens & daycare centers (Kitas) and international teaching professionals. Educators and teachers with intermediate knowledge of German can directly apply to be part of the Talent Pool for nurseries, kindergartens or after-school facilities here.
Barmer Health Insurance
With mandatory health and long-term care insurance, Germany has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. And patients are free to choose their own doctors and therapists. Around 9 million people put their trust in BARMER.  Find out why in this brochure on the perfect start as an employee in Germany.
Housing Anywhere
On the international booking platform Housing Anywhere, Adlerschule Digital participants receive a 20% discount on the booking fee,  priority access to all accommodation and priority assistance in 6 languages. Avail of the advantages for Adlerschule Digital participants by registering here.