Our Bridge Programs

We offer online training programs that bridge the gap between the credentials you earned outside of Germany and the requirements of your ideal job in a German company or institution.

Our Bridge Programs comprise online language courses from Beginner (A1) to Advanced (C1) German and, depending on your credentials and chosen profession, online courses in preparation for an apprenticeship, skills assessment test or other qualification measures.

We evaluate your non-German diploma and work experience then compare them with the requirements of your ideal job. This allows us to plan the specific Bridge Program that prepares you for practicing your chosen profession in Germany.

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Bridge Program - Qualifizierung

For seasoned professionals, we offer the Bridge Program – Qualifizierung, the goal of which is to acquire the German proficiency and communication skills required for the official recognition (Anerkennung) of their non-German educational or occupational qualifications and, if need, for passing a skills assessment test (Kenntnisprüfung) or a company-based qualification course (Anpassungslehrgang). The Qualifizierung is especially important to nurses, pre-school teachers and other practitioners of regulated professions in Germany.

Program Components


German Language + Qualification Assessment

The Bridge Program Qualifizierung starts with intensive online German language courses from beginner to intermediate levels especially designed to prepare learners for working and living in Germany. Each course combines interactive online exercises and live online group lessons. While you are learning German, we are already having your credentials assessed for comparability with German qualifications required for practicing your chosen profession and matching your professional profile with job openings in Germany.

Business German in Practice

Once you have received your degree assessment (Zeugnisbewertung) or recognition statement (Anerkennungsbescheid) and obtained your German Language Certificate (Sprachzertifikat), you become part of the talent pipeline of ProfiZentrale, where you can meet your future employers in Germany. So while you are learning about building a solid job application dossier, nailing job interviews or giving persuasive presentations in German, you also get the opportunity to practice these skills with real German employers looking to hire international talent on ProfiZentrale.

Bridge Program - Ausbildung

Depending on the profession and the apprentice’s credentials, a German Ausbildung usually takes 2 to 3 years and takes place in a technical college (Berufschule) and an apprenticing company or institution (Ausbildungsbetrieb). Theory learned in the Berufschule is immediately put into practice in the Ausbildungsbetrieb. In the remunerated apprenticeship model, the Berufschule does not charge any tuition fees and apprentices receive a monthly training salary from their Ausbildungsbetrieb. Upon successful completion of the Ausbildung, apprentices obtain a state-conferred professional title, which is mandatory for regulated professions such as childhood education and nursing.

In our Bridge Program – Ausbildung, learners acquire the German proficiency required for an Ausbildung in childhood education (Erzieher/in, Pädagogische Fachkraft) and other regulated professions.

Program Components


German Language Training (Online)

The first part of the Bridge Program Ausbildung focuses on the acquisition of the required German language proficiency for the target profession and the intercultural communication skills for living and working in Germany.

The online courses are delivered by trusted partners and are a combination of individual exercises and assignments that may be done at the learner’s pace, live seminars facilitated by instructors from Germany and small-group discussions among learner teams.

Participants may choose to take the intensive course with 3 hours of lessons a day, or the semi-intensive course with 1,5 lesson hours daily.
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Internship in Germany

The German language and communication skills learned online are further honed and improved through a 6- to 12-month internship in Germany.

The internship provides the experience of working in a German company or institution and the chance to further improve their German language and communication skills. For example: those striving for a career in childhood education may spend their internship in a creche, kindergarten or after-school facility.

At the end of the internship, trainees should be ready to acquire the Sprachzertifikat or German Language Certificate required by their Ausbildung or apprenticeship in Germany.

Our Application Process

Our Bridge Programs are exclusively for those who aim to find long-term employment in Germany. This is why we offer a place in our Program only to those whose educational or professional credentials have the potential for placement in a paid apprenticeship (Ausbildung) or for obtaining official recognition of professional qualification (Anerkennung) in Germany.

1. We take a very close look at your credentials and your ideal job

To assess your credentials thoroughly, we need copies of your curriculum vitae, diploma, transcript of records with course description and training hours, German language certificates and other documents that may be required for the qualification recognition process in Germany.

2. We plan your Bridge Program according to your needs and goals

Qualified applicants get a Binding Offer with your personalized Bridge Program curriculum, schedule, course fees and expected supplementary costs (e.g. processing fees at German offices, etc.). The Binding Offer has to be signed and sent back to us to confirm your place in our Bridge Program.

3. We offer discounts or scholarships to high potentials

Those who want a discount or scholarship can take our online Assessment Center – a battery of tests on cognitive ability, language learning capacity and problem-solving skills. Applicants who pass the Assessment Center get a 25% to 75% merit discount on the course fees or a full scholarship depending on their results.